1. Celebrate Hope 2020 Sponsors


Presenting Sponsor 

USA Foundation


Chef de Cave 

Arlene Mitchell, Joy and Jimmy Grodnick, Lisa and Barry Bukstein  

Gulf Distributing Company of Mobile, LLC


Gran Reserva

David and Darlene Stein

Harry J. and Aloyis L. Sonneborn Charitable Foundation  


Wine Maker

Lexus of Mobile

Wells Fargo

Wind Creek 



Mr. Abraham A. Mitchell

Adam Clark Foundation

Alabama Crown

Jo Ann and Cortez Fowler Family

IonSouth Diagnostic Pharmacy, Inc

Richard C. Mitchell & Susan Kupferberg Charitable Foundation  

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Nicholson 


Grand Sommelier

Bay Shore Finance, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Pitman 

Frieda and Dan Romanchuck

Ashley and Wes Naile

Dr. and Mrs. Stuart F. Ball



Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Atkins


Cox Family Foundation 

Lori and Ken Metzger

Ruland & Ruland CPAs, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. G. Scott Weldon

Dr. and Mrs. Fred Bodie

Karen and Jim Atchison

Mr. Jerry Silverstein  

M & B Inc.      

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Cameron

The Honorable Michael Windom and Marion Steinfels

Mr. and Mrs. Bo Nichols

Mr. Larry Wooley

Mr. Charles Jackson

Melanie and Bill Susman

Margaret and Joe Sullivan

Mr. Harold H. Buchman and Mrs. Vesta G. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Joerge Kemnade 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Lacey Jr.  

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Gandler

University of South Alabama National Alumni Association



Hancock Whitney

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Robery Mowry

Dr. Thomas Butler

Mr. Greg Saad

Ms. Lynne Chronister

Dr. and Mrs. Spencer Liles

Mr. and Mrs. Owen Bailey

Dr. Jennifer Young Pierce and Mr. Christopher Pierce

Lewis Communications

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Chang

Dr. Franklin Trimm

Dr. William Hixson
Mr. and Mrs. Ben A. Meisler

Mr. Skipper Walters, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. John Smith

Dr. Robert Sobol

Mr. Steven McClellan

Mr. Irvin Grodsky

Mr. Donald Langham

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff McCarron

Mrs. Janet Hayes

Ms. Heather Smart

Ms. Tasha Garriga

Dr. and Mrs. John Marymont

Mrs. Deborah Stephens

Jessica Delaney

Winona Blount

Mrs. Robin Krckak

Cassandra Gurganus

Mrs. Angela Dunn

Caroline A. Smith

Mrs. Geri Moulton

Glenda Everette

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fillers

Dr. Luciana Barnes

Dr. Brian Persing

Anne Meyercord

Dr. Robert Isreal

Mrs. Mary Moye

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Damson
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Malkove

Dr. Samuel Fisher

Sonya Gomel

Mr. William Sisson

Mr. Cooper Alvarez

Dr. Natalie Gassman

Mrs. Kimi Oaks

Vicki and Ron Franks

Mrs. Elizabeth Yates

Mrs. Stacey Newman

Mrs. Patrice Baur

Susan Crutchfield


Thank You!


On behalf of the USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute, we would like to extend our most heartfelt appreciation to the sponsors and

supporters of Celebrate Hope 2020. Over the past 12 years, Celebrate Hope has raised nearly $4 million dollars for cancer

research happening right here in our community by providing researchers access to cutting edge equipment and some of the most

advanced technology. Please be sure to watch the Celebrate Hope impact video to see how your support has helped advance

research at USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute.

Contact Us

USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute
Office of Development

650 Clinic Drive
TRP III, Suite 1500
Mobile, AL 36688